Messer Group is one of the leading industrial gas companies. Messer Group operates in more than 30 countries in Europe and Asia, as well as in Peru, and comprises more than 60 operating companies. The parent company that manages the group as a whole is based in Frankfurt am Main, whilst the technical functions – logistics, development, production and application technology – are managed in Krefeld.

From acetylene to xenon, Messer Group offers one of the largest product portfolios on the market. Messer Group manufactures and sells oxygen, nitrogen, argon, carbon dioxide, hydrogen, helium, inert welding gases, specialty gases, medical gases and various gas mixtures. Messer’s wide range of gases, as well as the employees’ knowledge and experience with using the gas, are used in a variety of industries. These include the production of metal, chemicals, food, pharmaceutics, electronics, medicine, other research activities and environmental technology.

The company operates advanced research centres that develop applied technologies for using gases in various industry sectors, food and environmental technology, medicine, as well as research and science.

Messer Group’s name has been associated with professionalism in the field of industrial gases for more than 100 years.

More information about Messer Group is available on the corporate website.




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