Carbon dioxide

Carbon dioxide is a colourless, non-combustible, odourless and tasteless gas. Together with water, it forms carbonic acid. Carbon dioxide is obtained from natural sources as well as from industrial waste gases. In the latter case, it is generated as a by-product of hydrogen production in refineries, of synthetic gas production as well as ethylene oxide production. Natural sources of CO2 are primarily located in areas of volcanic origin.

The special properties of the gas with the chemical formula CO2 include its inertness as well as its high water solubility. Carbon dioxide gives beverages their sparkling freshness, is used in the treatment of drinking water and provides an alternative to aggressive acids for wastewater neutralisation. In cryogenic, liquid and solid form, CO2 turns into dry ice, which is suitable for use as a refrigerant or as a cleaning medium (for dry ice blasting).



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