Safe storage of cylinders

  • The storage area must be clearly separated for different gases. Full and empty cylinders must be stored separately!
  • The storage area must be well-ventilated, allowing the flow of air to prevent potential accumulation of gases! The gases stored in the cylinder in liquid state (propane, carbon dioxide) must be placed under a canopy to protect them against direct sunlight!
  • When storing toxic gases, use locks to prevent unauthorised access! We recommend lockable storage for other gases as well!
  • Do not store cylinders on an uneven or dirty floor!
  • Although the cylinders are in different sizes, most of them are tall and thin to save space. This, however, makes them unstable. Never leave the cylinder in the middle of the room or in a walkway. Move the cylinder to the wall!
  • Always keep cylinders in an upright position and make sure that they are secure!
  • Try to learn about the gas and its properties as much as possible! This helps to take the specific requirements for storage and use into account.



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