What is dry ice?

Dry ice is made from liquid carbon dioxide (CO2 - E290). Expanding liquid CO2 by depressurisation causes the liquid to become a “snowy mass” at a sufficiently low temperature. The mass is then pressed into granules ranging in size from 3 to 18 millimetres or into blocks of different weight. At atmospheric pressure, the temperature of dry ice is -79 °C. When heated, it goes directly from solid to gaseous state (sublimates). Because of this, dry ice does not leave traces of melting in contrast to the usual.

Fields of application:

  • Dry ice is widely used for transporting frozen and chilled products and substances.
  • In the food industry, in the production of meat and confectionery, dry ice is added to minced meat or dough, thereby cooling the mass to a desired temperature.
  • Dry ice is used as a coolant in industrial processes such as material processing or during thermo-shrinking components.
  • Small dry ice granules are used for jet cleaning various surfaces and equipment, for example in printing houses or the food industry.
  • Dry ice is also in demand in the restaurant sector for cooling products without the use of electricity or for creating various visual effects.
  • Dry ice is also used in smoke machines to create the effect of mist in theatrical performances and events.

Properties of dry ice:

  • Odourless and flavourless
  • Leaves no trace when evaporating
  • Sterile product
  • Non-toxic
  • Neogneopasen
  • Harmful contamination of air can be easily monitored
  • Has a significantly higher cooling effect compared to a conventional ice products
  • Keeps for 2-6 days, depending on the storage method

Safety precautions are necessary when handling dry ice. The temperature of dry ice is approximately -79 ºC, so working with it requires using gloves. The extremely low temperature of the product may cause severe burns when coming into contact with skin. It must be kept in special unsealed containers. It should be stored in a cool, well-ventilated area.

ASCO Carbon Dioxide(Switzerland), a Messer subsidiary, is a European leader in producing automatic dry ice production machines.


Olivo Cold Logistic (France) is a strategic partner of Messer Group and a leading producer of dry ice transportation and storage containers.

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