Aviation Industry

Dry ice blasting technology can be used wherever paint, varnish, resin, wax, oil, grease, release agent etc. has to be removed without damaging the surface. Even delicate parts like switch boards and other electric components can be cleaned.

In comparison to traditional blasting methods with sand or glass beads, dry ice blasting does not damage or alter the cleaned surfaces. Dry ice blasting can be applied directly on the molds/plants without disassembling them. This saves valuable time and allows virtually continuous production. Even hot molds can be cleaned on-line with minimal effect on mold temperature.

Dry ice blasting leaves no residual blasting media behind because the dry ice pellets sublimate immediately after impact on the surface.

Очистка аэронавтике 333x250

Advantages over other cleaning methods:

  • Gentle;
  • Dry;
  • No dismantling;
  • No secondary waste;
  • Ecologically friendly.



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