History of Messer Group

Messer has a strong tradition of valuing the success of its customers. The company was founded by Adolf Messer in 1898 in Frankfurt am Main, and today it is a third-generation family-owned enterprise with Stefan Messer at the helm.

Initially, Adolf Messer manufactured acetylene generators and lighting fixtures. Gas cutting and welding as well as the construction of oxygen generation systems were soon added as new business segments. For approximately six decades the company retained the character of a family business. Then, in 1953, Adolf Messer handed over the reins of the business to his son, Hans.

In 1965, Dr. Hans Messer oversaw the merger of Messer with parts of the German Hoechst Group, and Messer Griesheim was born. The company, which was two-thirds owned by Hoechst and one-third owned by the Messer family, expanded worldwide in the years that followed. Messer Griesheim GmbH developed into a global supplier of industrial gases, cryogenic systems and cutting and welding products.

In 2001, Hoechst AG, which today is part of the Aventis Group, sold its shareholding to financial investors, who streamlined the Messer Group’s portfolio and enhanced its competitiveness. In 2004, the Messer family acquired all the shares in the holding company of the Messer Group. Today, Messer Group GmbH is once again an owner-managed company.

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