Liguid Acetylene

Acetylene C2H2 is a colourless gas with a particularly unpleasant odour and a sweet, cooling taste. Liquid acetylene is colourless, mobile and highly light refracting. Liquid acetylene and gaseous environment above it should be regarding explosive at all pressures and temperatures. Liquid acetylene is highly explosive even at normal temperatures, so vibration safety is possible only in desensitised liquid and gaseous states, i.e. through the use of special porous material as filler in acetylene cylinders.

Acetylene is the fuel gas with the highest flame temperature and the lowest oxygen requirement. It is also the fuel gas with the highest ignition speed. Acetylene has a huge range of applications: whether it be oxyfuel technology, welding, cutting, flame cleaning, flame spraying, flame straightening or gouging – the gas with the chemical formula C2H2 is ideal for all these areas.



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