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Why are our products and services better than others?

It’s very simple! When working with clients, we are guided by a single rule, which serves as our motto:

Gases for Life

The phrase “Gases for Life” comprises the strategy of our company and the company’s attitude towards our products. We are trying to make sure that the applied gas technology improves the quality of life and contributes to the success of our clients. And, of course, we are continuously improving in order to make our clients believe in us as a partner in their success.

There is virtually no area of activity in which gas isn’t used. We supply oxygen, nitrogen, hydrogen and many other gases and also services to the majority of industrial applications, for example steelmaking, chemical, glass, electronics, medicine and food industry, metallurgy, paper and even aerospace industry.

In addition to a full range of gases for industrial purposes, our company offers a wide range of gases and products for medicine, environmental protection, research and development, we provide our clients with development know-how, services and equipment necessary for using gas.

In the Baltic States, our offices are located in Estonia, Latvia, Lithuania and Kaliningrad, and in these countries and in Ukraine we have more than 100 authorised dealers. We have therefore achieved strong local support based on independent client-oriented structure.




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