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Our product portfolio for the medical sector is extremely diversified and does not just include gases. From consulting to gas delivery, right through to planning, assembly and maintenance of supply systems, Elme Messer Gaas offers a complete service package from a single source. Our medical gases are produced and marketed in accordance with the GMP standards and pharmacovigilance. Internal audits, a pharmacological vigilance system which is uniform throughout the Group, and validated work procedures and computer systems guarantee excellent product and delivery quality.

Beside institutional care business where Elme Messer Gaas provides products and support for doctors and health care institutions like hospitals Elme Messer Gaas also offers products and services for the home care sector.

The most important applications at a glance:

  • Anaesthesia
  • Respiratory therapy
  • Diagnostic
  • Cryotherapy
  • Combined anaesthesia
  • Cooling of magnets in magnetic resonance tomographs
  • Storage of biological materials
  • Medicinal baths
  • Surgery
  • Analgesia
  • And many more

Key products:

  • Medical oxygen in liquid and gaseous form, primarily for respiratory therapy, as well as - with nitrous oxide - for anesthesia.
  • Nitrous oxide ("laughing gas", nitrogen monoxide) in liquid or gaseous form, in a mixture with oxygen or air - important for the analgesic therapy and combined anesthesia
  • Medical air, synthetic or compressed supplied in cylinders. It is an important component for inhalation without ventilation and for inhalation anesthesia.
  • Medical carbon dioxide is primarily used for invasive surgery.
  • Liquid medical nitrogen (boiling point -196 ° C) is used as a cooling agent in cryotherapy and cryosurgery, as well as for of biological materials' storage.
  • Liquid helium is used to cool the magnets of nuclear magnetic resonance units. Helium has a boiling point of -269 °C, the lowest of all gases, making it the coldest liquid on earth.



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