Safety, Health, Environment and Quality (SHEQ)

Throughout the lifetime of ELME MESSER GAAS, there has been the system SHEQ, whose work is based on the principles of ensuring the safety of the existing production and logistics, protecting the health and life of the company’s staff and its customers, protecting the environment against harmful effects of production processes and improving the quality of the overall system.

ELME MESSER GAAS corporate SHEQ Policy:


Messer, the world's largest privately owned industrial gases manufacturer, is commited to developing, implementing and improving the effectiveness of its Safety, Health, Environmental and Quality management systems to enhance customer satisfaction. Through entrepreneural flair, farsighted thinking and continuous improvement of its processes, Messer creates added value for its customers and thereby secures mutual success in the long term.

Quality means not only meeting and complying with customer requirements and expectations, but also a constant parameter in a world of incessant change. As a member of society Messer takes its social responsibility towards its employees and the society very seriously.

To ensure sustainable quality performance Messer is commited to the following SHEQ basic principles:

  • Active hazard identification, risk assesment and risk control of its operations and products
  • Compliance with all applicable Safety, Health, Environmental and Product Safety legislation
  • Continuous improvement in health, safety and quality performance and permanent reduction of the environmental impact of its operations by implementing improvement programs
  • Promoting energy management best practices, practicing energy efficiency and facilitating communication on the management of energy resources
  • Open coomunication of safety, health and environment practices to all employees with the intention to make them aware of their individual obligations
  • Ensuring that a safe, clean and healthy working environment is provided to all of its employees
  • Manufacturing and delivering products and services that meet the highest industrial, medicinal, pharma and food safety and quality standards
  • Creating transparency of its SHEQ performance
  • Active participation in international bodies, good practices and responsible care initiatives
  • Being a good neighbour by promoting safe environment for the community in which it operates
  • Encouraging employees to adopt a healthy lifestyle
  • Working with its employees to avoid discrimination
  • Preferred cooperation with suppliers and other business partners (including contractors) who operate according to these same principles.

This SHEQ policy is communicated to all Messer employees and is available to all internal and external parties. In addition to Messer's Vision, Mission and Values it is one of the fundamental elements in Messer's strategic development process.

Bad Soden, August 2013
Stefan Messer
Dr. Hans Gerd Wienands
Danilo Ritlop

Eliminating all accidents is our objective.
Because you wish to remain healthy.

Safety for Life.



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